A wedding toast is typically made by families, friends of families and friends of the bride and groom. It is a custom to allow those people to raise a wedding toast who know the bride and groom pretty well. That makes you a friend, a sibling, a cousin or a very close family member, excluding the dad and mom because they would obviously know their child.

Your wedding toast can be the cherry on the cake or it may be a dud drink that no one would like a repeat of. To make your wedding toast a success, follow these simple rules.

Draw A Fine Line Between Humor & Vulgarity

There are perhaps thousands of instances where a wedding toast has gone awfully wrong because of the callousness or the thoughtlessness of the person making the speech. You can pull in the bride or the groom and talk about them. You might share a little secret that you know and the others may want to know and you can poke fun at the couple as well.

However, it all has to be in good spirits. You cannot talk about an embarrassing secret about either the bride or the groom. You cannot disclose something that you are not supposed to or should not do. You should stay away from all kinds of statements, expressions or remarks that can be even remotely regarded as vulgar, uncomfortable or undesirable.

Engage The Audience, All Of Them

There will be friends of yours and family members of the couple whom you may know. There will certainly be many people whom you would most definitely not know and they wouldn’t know you. Your closest friends and the couple would obviously be interested in your speech because of the camaraderie you share but others would have to be intrigued or enticed.

Do not make a bland speech and do not indulge in recital with sentimentalism. Have stories to tell. Have incidents to share and have your personal opinion about the couple or just one of them, albeit good opinions to share as this is no time for a critical analysis of people’s characters.

Most importantly, do not be too long, too short, too sassy, too whacky or boring. Build up on a story, have a punch line and then leave it with the concluding remark that makes people laugh, the couple happy and you feeling proud.

Let The Sydney Wedding DJs Play

In most parties, the wedding DJ in Sydney is unceremoniously asked to stop or only needed to start playing after the wedding toasts are raised. It is better to keep the wedding DJ in Sydney playing as you make a wedding toast. The silence can be unnerving and you can always add a bit of background music or a soundtrack to your speech.