The power of music – our perfect night guarantee

This is our promise to you on the most important day of your life…


Your DJ will be a pro

Your wedding DJ will have a minimum of 3 years of experience entertaining at wedding receptions exclusively. We only send out the best wedding DJ's

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We always play on time

Punctuality is guaranteed. We come early to set up and we always play on time. If we're 1 minute behind playing time, we'll take off 30% off your package price

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We play all your requests

You can choose as much or as little of the music as you like and we will play it all for you. It's your day and we play the songs that mean something to you

We only use top-of-the-line DJ products

The best music deserves to come out of the best DJ gear!

That’s why we come to your wedding with reliable and cutting-edge DJ mixing consoles and speakers for a clean and crisp acoustic sound that audiophiles would approve of and no doubt your guests would be delighted with.

Together with our compact yet sophisticated DJ lighting, your dancefloor will be brought to life!

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The power of music

Did you know…according to a recent wedding survey,  81% of wedding guests said that the music and entertainment was the one thing they remembered most about a wedding.

(Published in the St. Louis Bride & Groom Magazine with sources including: Simmons, USA Today, National Bride Service, The Knots and Brides Magazine).

It’s really not that surprising when you think about it…the Power of Music touches our emotions and moves us in ways that words cannot.

Despite this fact, many bridal couples still do not put wedding music on top of their planning priorities.

But why is the music important, really? Why should you prioritize your wedding music over, let’s say, your wedding favours or your wedding shoes?


Here are 8 reasons why:


1. It’s what your guests will remember more than anything

Not all your guests will remember the types of flowers on your bouquet, or the number of tiers on your wedding cake, or the colour of your table napkins. They might remember what they had for dessert, but they will definitely remember the wedding DJ that rocked your party and got your father-in-law dancing all night on the dance floor!

2. It sets the tone of your special day

Your wedding music is the soundtrack to your wedding! It sets a romantic atmosphere and allows guests to take part in the joy of your union. Without music (or with the wrong playlist!), chances are that some of your guests would leave right after dinner.

3. Great music energises the crowd

Great music energises the crowd and an energised crowd makes a great party. Music amplifies the happiness of the couple’s newlywed status, and gets everyone in the mood to celebrate.

4. It brings people together

Weddings are huge gatherings that involve friends and family from all walks of life and generations. Apart from alcohol, music helps to break down social barriers among guests and makes them loosen up.  Great background music helps to set a mood and puts people at ease when mingling. Dancing also brings perfect strangers together. It helps guests meet new people without ever having said a word to each other before!

5. It keeps your guests wide awake

Your older aunts and uncles might not be able to stay on the dance floor as long as the other guests, but they’re far from sleepy. Great music plus great performers keep everyone wide awake, alert, and tapping their feet to the beat.

6. It entertains all guests, young and old

Professional DJs know how to give your guests – regardless of age – a fun and happy time. This little one probably had so much dancing she got her feet dirty.

7. Good music showcases your personality

Your choice in music is a great way to put a personal mark on one of the most important days of your lives. It reflects your taste as a couple and allows you show your guests what your fun-loving tastes are like. Aside from that, good music can also help you wow the crowd with your amazing dance moves.

8. It gives people something to talk about

If your guests had a great time on the dance floor, they will literally talk about it – for ages! Plus, you’ll be the envy of all your single friends who will be trying to follow in your footsteps when it comes time for them to get married.


Like to try before you buy?
Check out these sample mixes from previous weddings

Top 40’s Mix

RNB + Hip Hop Mix

Retro Mix

Smooth Jazz Mix

Love Song Mix

Classic Rock Mix

Your wedding, our dj’s, it’s a perfect match

We specialise in the best day of people’s lives. We service hundreds of weddings a year and we would be humbled to be trusted with the entertainment for your big day. Special days deserve special music.

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