Weddings vows have become a longstanding custom. Some couples write their wedding vows and share, exchange or declare them in private while many couples recite and announce their wedding vows during the ceremony or at the reception party. Irrespective of what you would prefer, here are a few tips on how to make your wedding vows truly special.

The very first thing that you must note is that wedding vows are anyway special. Whether you have only two wedding vows or twenty, they would always have a special place for you and your beloved. What you can do is practice writing better wedding vows and also the delivery or the recital. DJ Hire for all events in Sydney.

You should first make a list of promises that you intend to make. There is no need to think of better vocabulary or literary structure at this stage. When you do write down the promises, you must adhere to what your heart truly feels and what you truly believe as a promise. Do not simply write down thoughts that you think will impress your beloved or your guests. Your wedding vows are completely personal and they have nothing to do with the applause and smiles that you may experience or not. Be as true as you can with your promises right from the outset.

Once you have penned down your thoughts, ala promises, you should determine the tone of the language and the manner in which you would recite them. For instance, you might want the tone of the wedding vows to be humorous and some prefer it to be poetic while many would simply recite them in prose with strategic pauses. You can ask your Sydney wedding DJ to compose a track or compile an audio that would be played alongside your recital which will give you more options with penning down the wedding vows in a certain manner. While not many people would ask a wedding DJ in Sydney to record their vows and compile it with a background score or an accompanying song, there is no rule that stops you from doing so.

As you decide the tone of your recital, you should be able to have a layout. Outlining the wedding vows is very important because they should be easy for you to deliver and easy for your beloved and the guests to grasp. A too long, too short or complicated list of wedding vows should be avoided. What you write is your prerogative but how you write it should be thought through keeping in mind the ambience, your gift of the gab and your natural style that your beloved loves.