Ahhhh Wedding speeches. They can be great, and on the other end of the spectrum they can be straight disastrous. Speeches at a wedding are supposed to be a time of reflection, laughter, stories and memories about the bride and groom, how they met, how much they love each other and to share stories with the family, friends and guests who have attended the wedding.

But how long is too long? We have all been to a wedding where either the father of the bride or the best man has had far too much to drink in an attempt to calm the nerves down before making the big speech infront of hundreds of people. Before you know it, they have thrown out the piece of paper and gone rogue. They start dribbling on about unimportant details and go off on a big drunk tangent.

As wedding DJ’s we have seen some amazing speeches that have had the whole crowd in laughter or tears of joy, and others that just leave everyone rolling their eyes and begging the person to stop the torture and hand the microphone to someone else.
The keys to a good speech is to keep it short and sweet. Leave all the good parts in and all the unnecessary details out of the equation. Dont ramble on, make sure everyone is included in on the jokes, no point making jokes when only the bridal party will get it, be sure to make the bride and groom in a positive light, do not mention any ex girl friends or boy friends in the speeches and make sure you reflect on the couples future together.
Just remember, don’t make the speeches too long, make them funny but relevant and you are on your way to making an amazing speech at an amazing wedding.