Don’t walk under that ladder! Watch out for that black cat walking across your path! Cross your fingers. Don’t open that umbrella inside and you better knock on wood! Some people in society are still very superstitious even in the day and age we live in today. This is quite evident with just the other month, thousands of people decided to get hitched on a Wednesday, simply because the date was 12/12/12. This proved to be one of the biggest days world wide for celebrants, couples and wedding suppliers alike. Is there really that many couples out there, that believe the date that they get married on, will bare any luck on the outcome and longevity of their relationship?

Shortly after this, and only just a few weeks ago, I was providing entertainment at one of Sydney’s finest venues, Gunners Barracks in Mosman, and I was setting up my equipment right next to a meeting that was being conducted between a fairly young couple from Adelaide and the Tea Room’s wedding planner. A very open conversation was happening between the two parties about their plans for their 2013 wedding so I was overhearing the whole discussion (and not eavesdropping)

Wedding DJ Hire has had the honour of providing wedding dj entertainment at the Mosman Tea Room on many occasions, and witness first hand their hospitality, level of service to their guests and beautiful location on the waters of the North Sydney suburb. It is for these reason, that bookings at Gunners Barracks are very hard to come by and fill up very fast.

The blonde wedding planner was explaining to the couple how they had extremely limited dates available for the 2013 summer season. Absolutely no Saturday bookings left, all Sunday availabilities had been exhausted and only a handful of Thursday evening dates remained, The couple was not keen on the mid-week wedding reception, so the Thursday dates were out of the question.

The wedding planner hesitated for a slight moment, and, with a cringe on her face, she proceeded to tell the couple that there was one more Friday date free for 2013. The couple, very momentarily got excited at the news, only to be quickly deflated again once they we’re told that the date on offer, was in fact, Friday the 13th! They begun shaking their heads and crossing their arms.

In fact, it seemed that it was not only this couple who did not want the superstitious date, it seemed to be that no one wanted to get married on Friday the 13th for the obvious reason of being associated with bad luck & black friday!

Now, Gunners Barracks is quite a pricey venue, and is roughly around $200 per head for a reception on most dates on offer. The wedding planner proceeded to press the date to the couple, offering a very enticing price per head cost of $75! That is a saving of $125 per person and on an average 100 person wedding is an enormous discount of $12,500! Without hesitation, the couple said no and the wedding planner proceeded no more questions asked.

I could not believe my ears! Are people really that superstitious? That they would forego a very significant saving in money, simply to avoid the Friday the 13th wedding date? I personally, would have to say that if I was having doubts about my relationship, based on the date I was getting married and bad omens that date back centuries, then perhaps I would be reconsidering getting married at all!

Let us know your thoughts, we would love to hear what you guys think!