Hiring a professional wedding DJ is the easiest way to liven up the evening and the night of your wedding or reception. An unprecedented number of couples are hiring wedding DJs in Sydney and it is clearly becoming a norm. No longer is it an exception to have a professional wedding DJ perform live at a wedding or the different parties you would have leading onto the wedding and reception.

Having a professional wedding DJ hire sydney can set the floor for the bride, the groom and all the guests to have a gala time but there are certain rules that you should abide by. You may have a list of your personal favorite songs and the professional wedding DJ may put in some recommendations as well. There might be some impromptu tracks and there may be requests from the guests. In any of the aforementioned scenarios, you should try and avoid these songs. You can clearly give this list to your professional wedding DJ and give a stringent declaration that these shouldn’t be played.

“YMCA” — Village People

This is not a wedding song. It is fun and popular but everyone knows it and this song has been played beyond its utility, impact and lifespan. Besides, it doesn’t do anything special to your wedding or your party.

“Chicken Dance”

There is no rule that says you cannot get a little cheeky nor have some fun dance steps but the chicken dance doesn’t gel well with all the gowns, suits and especially the moment.

“Stayin’ Alive” — Bee Gees

It may or may not be on the list of your favorites but it will always be there on the Saturday Night Fever and this song barely moves anyone to even shake one feet or lip sync even two lines.

“Every Breath You Take” — The Police

This is a very nice romantic song but a little too childish for a wedding and besides, ‘I’ll be watching you’ over everything may not be ideal for a newlywed to hear her husband dance to.

“Macarena” — Los Del Rio

This is clearly not fit for a wedding. You may be a very good dancer and even if you have a dancing troupe around, encouraging guests to dance to Macarena is certainly not a pleasant sight at a wedding.

“My Heart Will Go On” — Celine Dion

Romantic songs are good but not those that have tragic climaxes or undertones in its lyrics, composition or in the story. This song is certainly not for a professional wedding DJ to play after the wedding ceremony, or before or anytime during the entire event.