Weddings have to be perfect. They have to be immaculately planned and impeccably organized. If you are getting married this winter then you would be snowed under many challenges. From the flower to the cake, from the aisle to the invitations, the music to the centerpieces, there is simply too much to plan.

Here are a few tips that will make your wedding planning a relatively simpler and more decisive adventure.

Wedding Colors

Most weddings seem to rely on the traditional green and red when it comes to weddings, especially winter weddings. The combination of green and red work well but you can always let go off the overdone and overused concept to bring in some crystal accents, a white velvet aisle and some silver sprinkled all around or as a base theme color. You can be certain of the splendor that a combination of white, silver and crystal accents would lend to your wedding.

The Flowers

When you think of winter wedding flowers the first names that come to mind are oriental lilies, red roses and anemones. There is no rule that states you cannot go for white hydrangeas, soft ranunculuses or white boutonnieres.


The centerpieces draw a lot of attention at your reception. You can use all traditional items like candles and glassware but using the season to your advantage would be more intuitive and enticing. Ice carved vases or tall winter white branches, frosted glass and similar accessories can work wonders.

The Drinks

Summer weddings or winter weddings are incomplete without the cocktail hours. While you may find yourself confined to wine, hot chocolate and brandy during winters, you can easily experiment with some fascinating Japanese wine and vodka or some rare cocktails to surprise your guests. The more drinks, the more the people dance when you have a Beat Geek DJ Hire playing music.

The Cake

There is really no stopping you when it comes to the cake. You can go the traditional route or experiment with new types of cakes. You can always go for additional decking up like sprinkling edible silver powder on an ice cream cake or on a vintage style white cake and there are many ways to accessorize it.

The Music

The classical pianist or live bands are things of the past. Today, couples hire a DJ in Sydney for weddings. A party DJ in Sydney or a wedding DJ for hire would have all the tricks in his console to make your wedding and reception an unforgettable event. Professional wedding DJs have become the most popular choice in Sydney in recent times and considering the experience they offer, it is no surprise.