Managing kids and ensuring they are doing fine all the time is a daunting challenge if you are at a wedding. It is practically impossible to keep your kids along with you throughout the day, evening or throughout the entire event. At the same time, you cannot let your kids to be completely on their own as that would lead to amazing chaos. Kids love running helter-skelter and they can bring down any roof. If there are many kids, including teens, toddlers and anywhere between, then you certainly need to have a proper plan to manage the kids.

The only objective that you should have is to keep the kids busy but you also need to keep them engaged. If they are not entertained or interested in something then you wouldn’t succeed in keeping the kids busy.

Entertain Kids With A DJ Hire in Sydney

The best strategy is to entertain kids with a DJ. You would hire a Sydney wedding DJ anyway. You can easily slip in a request for the Sydney wedding DJ to keep the kids busy. You can use the same dance floor, the same premise or you can have a different kid’s arena where the Sydney wedding DJ would play only for the kids. It is easy to entertain kids with a DJ, irrespective of their age. You can also pull in a photographer or a videographer to shoot the kids while the Sydney wedding DJ keeps them dancing to their unique choreography. Later, you can play the very same videos or display the photos for the kids to be busy with a few more minutes or an hour even if the video can be substantially long.

Activities For Kids

A Sydney wedding DJ can entertain the kids and keep them engaged for any amount of time you want. Additionally, you should also plan some activities for the kids. You can have a games room, hire a few boards or gaming kits and let the kids be on their own. You can choose ping pong, basketball, hula hoops, air hockey, jump ropes or putt putt machines and more.

You can also host a competition of arts and crafts or allow the kids to go outdoors, if possible, and play on their own. You can plan a tour for the kids or hire a comedian or clown to keep them engaged.