Wedding receptions are a time for excitement and celebration and should be filed with fun. Music, dancing, drinking and laughing should all be done at your glorious wedding reception. By choosing DJ Hire Sydney for your festivities, you will be guaranteed of a great night. This wedding and mobile DJ Sydney option is perfect for any couple looking to entertain their guests and dance into the late night hours. Here are 10 more tips to help you achieve a fun wedding reception.
1 Change Up Your First Dance
Most wedding receptions begin with a slow first dance by the bride and groom, but this is typical and often boring. So to switch up the mood of your reception, you might opt to have your  option play a jazzy swing song for your first dance. This will surprise your guests and liven up the atmosphere at your reception.
2 Kids Table
Everyone knows some family member that will drag their children along to the reception. To keep them occupied and distract them from bothering your guests, it is recommended that you have a kids table with fun activities for them to do during the reception.
3 Shorten The Toasts
Toasts are a common wedding reception tradition and allow for meaningful reflection, but they shouldn’t be too long. Guests want to hear fun and thoughtful stories that are direct and not drawn out.
4 Party Gifts
A great way to make your reception more fun for guests is to give them party favors. Everyone enjoys a thoughtful gift. This will allow you to show your appreciation and you can find affordable party favor options. Daring brides might even choose silly string or noise makers that can be used on the dance floor.
5 Variety
Food is the focal point of the entire reception and it is important to have tasty food options for all of your guests. Sometimes a buffet is the best way to have variety and please all of your wedding guests.
6 Dessert Bar
Wedding cake is traditional and overdone at most weddings. You can be different and infuse fun into your reception by having a creative dessert bar with great treat options.
7 Keep Guests Fueled
If your reception goes late into the night, you might consider having food stations available for guests as they get late night cravings. Taco stations are a fun way to calm cravings.
8 Surprise
Having surprise entertainment to accompany your DJ Hire Sydney option can be a great way to add excitement. Hire a salsa dancer to entertain your guests.
9 Strobe Lights
Strobe lights are a great way to make the party last. This will keep your guests dancing all night to the music played by DJ Hire Sydney.
10 Let The Party Continue
Even if you have to leave for your honeymoon, let your guest’s party well into the early morning hours. You will have the best reception that your guests have ever experienced.