Its one of the most memorable moments of your wedding.  It is the moment that you will always refer to.  It is the infamous first dance.  This is the time where the bride and groom take the dance floor.  All of the guests’ eyes are affixed on the dance floor as the groom twirls the gorgeous veiled bride across the floor.  Any wedding Dj Sydney has mixing and spinning will always know the perfect tune to put on.  Usually that tune has been predetermined by the bride and groom. There are several classic tunes that evoke the wonderful feelings of joy and elation.  However, there are also a long list of tunes that should never be played as first dance music, much less as the first dance.  And every wedding dj Sydney has within its wonderful borders knows which tunes not to play as first dance music.

There are several options for wedding music.  There is traditional music and there is more contemporary music.  I personally enjoy the more soulful R&B music.  Most of this music has some soulful singer crooning about the woes and pleasantries of love.  My favorite wedding song is simply entitled “Let’s get married”.  This song is awesome and any wedding Dj Sydney has knows everything about it.  If I am at a wedding and the dj doesn’t have it, I always carry my phone or mp3 player and I am there to assist.  I never intend on stepping on any wedding dj Sydney has hosting the event, but if I am needed I must be prepared.

The truth is I hate weddings, and I only go for the food, the free gifts, and for the reception.  The receptions are great and even better than great if they have an open bar.  After about 4 or 5 greyhounds, I really begin to sing and dance substantially better.   I take on the persona of twinkletoes.  Usually I unintentionally make the groom jealous and the bride upset that I wasn’t the twirling her around for that first dance.  But none of that happens unless the dj plays the perfect music.  If Sydney DJ Hire has enlisted to play music is not on the right vibe, I may be asleep.