It is an incredible ring and the moment he proposed was the most exciting one of your entire life. No sooner had the ring been place on your finger that you are concocting the agenda for your wedding. Chances are you do not have unlimited financial resources, so although the moment is exhilarating there are a number of pitfalls that you can find yourself buried in and you should avoid.
Asking all your friends to be in the bridal party. It takes money to bedeck all these ladies with their wedding paraphernalia like bouquets and coordinating jewellery. Consult you budget first before you begin to invite your endless list of girlfriends.
Making your garden your premier location. It may seem like a good idea at the time but the cost of the provision of all the decorative items and cutlery will add up. It might be a better idea to book a reception hall that comes standard with table, chairs and cutlery.
Not providing enough food. Your guests are there for your celebratory event. There won’t be much celebrating if your guests are hungry. It’s not a good idea to skimp on food. Change the menu if need be but do not trim the food.
Having a cash bar. It is never a good idea nor is it good etiquette to ask your guest to pay for anything. If you have financial challenges try to dispense with the premier brands of liquor. Guest will survive with less expensive wine and beer.
Buying your wedding dress online. So many brides have fallen into this pitfall but it’s a smart idea to purchase a dress that you have actually fitted. You may find that when you get it, it fits vastly different from the one worn by the model on the website.
Not Hiring a DJ. Yes your girlfriend’s brother may be good at playing music but is he a Disc Jockey (DJ). There is a big difference between a person who can play music and one who can keep your audience engaged.
Having your friend as the photographer. Friends are great to have around but when something this important is at stake you should leave it to the professionals. A professional will do what they are paid to do.
Undertaking the entire task yourself. Planning a wedding is no small task and can be overwhelming even for the most grounded person. Enlist the help of a wedding planner whose job it is to coordinate these tasks.
Not creating a gift registry. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t create a gift registry. It’s fun and you can receive the choice of gifts you like.
Waiting until the last minute to preform task. Make sure you have everything in place at least a week before your wedding so you can relax and avoid being frazzled.