Wedding can be a very expensive event. If you wish to save some money or some substantial money then you need to take some smart steps. There are many ways to save money on your wedding and we are not just talking about negotiating and trying to cut costs. You can easily make a few small and unnoticeable changes which can make a difference of several thousand dollars.

Here are 10 ways to save money on your wedding which are easily doable and pragmatic.

Think Off Season

You can always think of getting married during the off peak season. When the wedding season is at its peak, venues and catering, décor and everything associated with a wedding ceremony or reception would cost a lot. Think off season and save anywhere from 20% to up to 50%.

Trim The Guest List

You can always trim the guest list. Relook at the list and consider anyone whom you may not be obliged to invite.

Go For Big Tables

Big tables are a huge money saver. With big tables, you need less centre pieces and other decorative items. This will surely save you some significant dollars.

Go For In-Season Décor & Food

You should never opt for flowers or any food that is not in season. Also, go for local produces as that would bring down the flower bill and cost of catering.

Beer, Wine & Cocktail Instead Of Full Bar

You are not obliged to put up a full bar. Beer, wine and cocktail goes a long way to make people completely happy.

Take The BBQ Route

Instead of going for dinners or galas, you can take the BBQ route which will save you money and make your wedding or reception a lot more fun.

Hire A Wedding DJ

Instead of hiring a band or a group of artists, you can hire a wedding DJ. A wedding DJ for hire would always cost you less and will be more entertaining than a large band or a group of artists.

Cut The Size Of The Cake & Go Less On Fillings

Do not go for the three tiers or multitier cakes. Two tiers are good enough and you can do without the fruit fillings or other stuffs.

Hire A Photographer Who Is Also A Videographer

Why hire a photographer and a videographer when you can hire one professional doing both.

Have The Ceremony & The Reception On The Same Day

You can save a lot of money if you have the wedding ceremony and the reception on the same day.