Weddings can be much more fun if you plan some activities and have it all sorted instead of having guests be on their own. Guests from the groom’s side and that of the bride seldom know everyone in the other gang and there would always be some guests who wouldn’t know many people on either side. Activities that are fun can be great ways to not just break the ice and to have everyone participate in the event but also to make the entire event more memorable.

– The first thing you must do to make a wedding more fun ishire a Sydney wedding DJ. When you go for a wedding DJ hire, whether it is for a couple of hours or for the entire evening, you are opening up a dance floor where all can be an integral part of the jubilations. A Sydney wedding DJ can really liven up the setting, ambience and the proceedings of the event. Everyone loves to shake a leg at a party and a wedding is certainly the biggest party of the bride and the groom. As the wedding DJ on hire takes to his console, the floor can be inaugurated by the newlywed and thereon the bridesmaids and groomsmen can all join in followed by every guest in the house. If you hire a good Sydney wedding DJ, then you may not need any other activity or provision to have fun at a wedding.
– I Spy is a great game to have on the table of every guest. You can ask your guests to click some photos or videos that the professional photographer and videographer may miss out on. You can then have a webpage or social profile where everyone can put up their spying collection.
-While being on the topic of table games, mad libs is a great pastime.
-Booklets are also engaging for any and sundry. You can put up questions or let guests share tips for the newlywed in the booklets.
-Board games are always fun. You can also opt for oversized board games.
There are many yard games that you can plan if you have an outdoor setting. Cornhole or horseshoe game can be fun for people of all ages.
-Ring toss or Jenga are also some great ideas that you can use at a wedding to get everyone have some fun.
-Drinking game or flip cup is always a hit at parties and it is a safe bet at any wedding.
-Guests can form a rock band or the bridesmaids, groomsmen can take up the charge on the centre stage.
-Group games like stand up – sit down, the shoe game or the kissing game are also good ideas to have some fun.

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