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Frequently Asked Questions

What will the DJ require on the day of the wedding?

We don’t need a lot from your end, we just need a standard-sized rectangular trestle table to play our equipment off and also access to a nearby power point, then leave the rest to us! Due to the duration of the event, set-up and tear-down times, we do require a crew meal for the DJ. We are human, after all! No need for entrees, canapés etc, just a main. Thank you in advance.

How much experience will my DJ have?

Every DJ has a minimum of 3 years experience under their belt, some with 20+ years of experience in the industry. When you book through us, you know you will not be booking an amateur bedroom DJ whose first paid gig is your wedding – you’ll undoubtedly be getting an experienced and professional DJ!

Does the DJ come earlier to set up?

Yes, the DJ will arrive anywhere at least 90 minutes before your Package start time, and will be ready to play by the time specified. In some instances, we may need more time for setting up due to other factors – but we will cover this closer to the time of your wedding date.

Does the DJ take song requests on the day?

Yes of course we do, we want to play music that both you and your guests want to hear, so we are always open to taking requests on the day  – unless of course you’d prefer that we didn’t take guest requests and keep strictly to your nominated playlists.

What will the DJ be wearing on the day?

Our DJs are always well groomed and very presentable. Typically for weddings they dress up formally – meaning a dark suit & tie for our male DJs, or a formal dress for our female DJs.  Of course this also depends on the dress code of your wedding.

Will my DJ be insured?

Most definitely, all our DJ’s are fully insured with comprehensive public liability & equipment cover, just for your (and our) peace of mind.

Can I supply my own music that I want played at my wedding?

You definitely can, in fact we encourage it. We commonly get this request particularly for certain cultural/foreign music due to the ethnic background of the bride or groom.

Any songs that you’d like to send to us can be file transferred using DropBox or on a USB stick. We would need to get the music at least 1 week prior to the event so that we can properly test each track on our sound equipment.

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