The Clarence House Wedding Reception in Sydney is a scenic setting that is the perfect location to host your perfect night. There are a few things that make the Clarence House a truly remarkable venue to host such an ostentatious occasion. We entertain at hundreds of weddings every single year, and we attend and see first hand all the wedding reception venues that Sydney has to offer, and we can gladly say, The Clarence House is amongst the top of them.

With it’s iconic setting in a heritage listed building, grand, yet remarkable intimate ballroom, styling fittings, second to none service and food that is guaranteed to delight all guests who attend your wedding.

Weddings Venues in Sydney sometimes lose focus of how special a wedding reception needs to be. This is never forgotten at the Clarence House, and every time we have been lucky enough to attend, we have been in complete awe and have witnessed things that we have never seen at a wedding before, and this is truly something very breath taking.

The staff are also very attentive, hospitable and never miss a beat with their service, their pride in their jobs and also their smiles.

If you are thinking about booking a wedding venue in Sydney very shortly, I suggest you give Andy and the team from the Clarence House a call today on (02) 9750 3555 or shoot them through an email from their website.